Get paid instantly with Invoice Payment Links

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Share payment link via an email, SMS and get paid immediately. Accepting payments from customers is now just a link away.

What is Invoice Payment Link?

aamarInvoice Payment Links is one of the fastest and secured way to accept payment from anyone you want. Simple checkout with various payment methods under one roof.

Create Custom Invoice

Right from your merchant portal create a custom invoice link and send via sms, email.

Custom Invoice Link

Payee receives a SMS & Email link to make payment using any favorite payment method

Succcessful Payment

Receive free SMS / Email alert when someone pays you using your custom invoice link

How to use aamarInvoice Payment Link to make payment?

Learn quickly how our aamarInvoice Payment Link works for you. It's easy and prompt

Step 1

Enter Customer Details

Enter your customers details like email, phone, address, amount, description
Step 2

Create Invoice Link

Share the link via SMS & Email automatically, even you can share through other media like social media too.

Step 3

Accept Payment

Receive notifications in real time through Email & SMS

How does aamarQR help my business?

Learn about how aamarQR can evolve the you pay

How can I provide Scan and Pay facility to my customers?

Register yourself as a business with aamarPay using aamarQR code for your business and provide 'Scan and Pay' option at the checkout / app

Where all i can accept my payment using aamarQR

You can accept payments via aamarQR on aamarPay merchants online / fcommerce / offline retail outlets, by scanning QR code at their system/payment counter.

But how will these payments reflect in my bank account?

The payments will be settled directly into your bank account.

Is there any limit of the transaction

Currently there is no specific limit but not higher than 1lac is recommended as of now.